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New Message from Sheriff Scott Munsterman


As many of you already know my name is Scott Munsterman. First of all I want to thank all of my family, friends and supporters who helped get me elected. I also want to thank the deputies, civilian detention officers and staff at the Sheriff’s Office for the work they do each and every day to ensure the safety and well being of the great people of this County.


As your Sheriff, my top priorities include working with the County Commissioners to stay within budget meanwhile building a stronger and more efficient department. My intention is to build a solid relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and the people whom we have sworn to serve and protect. This is made possible through the renewed relations between our agency and all of the law enforcement agencies who operate within the borders of Johnson County. Our commitment and cooperation with City, State and Federal law enforcement agencies have resulted in the bonding together of all those agencies to create one large entity that will not only fight crime, it will also deter it.


The Sheriff’s Office is going to operate on the following principles, Responsibility, Accountability, and Commitment. The Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility of fighting crime and holding the individuals who are breaking the law, accountable for their actions. This Office is now and will always be committed to protecting the citizens of Johnson County.


I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the support I received from the citizens, community leaders, peers, and many others throughout my career in law enforcement. I am confident that I can perform this job effectively and will use all of my talents and experience to best serve the citizens of Johnson County, Missouri. I have lived in Johnson County for more than twenty years, and like you, I have established roots and raised family here . I have a lot vested in the community and I want to do everything possible to see that Johnson County continues to be a safe place not only to raise my children but also a safe place for the children and grandchildren of all Johnson County citizens.


I am honored to be your Sheriff and look forward to the opportunity to continue to make a difference for the people residing in Johnson County, Missouri. Since I have taken office, I have been working hand in hand not only with the deputies and staff of the Sheriff’s Office but also with all of the elected officials and every law enforcement agency in this county to ensure that the Sheriff’s Office continues to move in the right direction. I encourage everyone to check out the Press Release Tab at the top of the Web Page to keep informed on topics such as, renewing your conceal and carry permits, as well as recent crimes occurring throughout the county etc. As always if you have an emergency and you need a deputy, call 911 and for all non-emergency incidents, call Central Dispatch at 660-747-5511.


Sheriff Scott Munsterman