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COMING SOON/ New Inmate Visitation Service


The Johnson County Sheriff's Office and Homewav are launching a new service which provides additional communication options for friends and family of inmates housed at the Johnson County Detention Facility.  Installation of the new system should be completed on or before May 8, 2018.  Below is a screenshot of their website which describes some of the benefits of the system.



A four year study completed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections in 2011 concluded that inmate visitation resulted in reductions in recidivism; a 13% reduction for a felony reconviction and a 25% reduction for reincarceration for a technical violation revocation.

The HomeWAV Difference

The HomeWAV system provides a unique, custom video visitation solution that has been adapted for use in detention facilities. Utilizing patented technology, with an emphasis on convenience and usability, HomeWAV maintains a singular position in the remote visitation industry.



The HomeWAV System is as simple as a phone call with no minimum call length and no connection fees


Visiting family members or friends is an important way to maintain connections during incarceration and enhance the inmate’s success both while incarcerated and after release.


Some facilities do not allow children to enter their facilities, however, with HomeWAV an inmate’s children can say goodnight, from the comfort of their own home.


Family members from distant locations can now more easily visit their loved ones more frequently without any travel expenses.


Hours of visitation can be expanded due to the reduced staff requirements and can take place seven days a week and throughout the day, as the facility dictates.


Here is a link to Homewav's website which explains more of the benefits they offer to the families and friends of the inmates as well as the inmates themselves.

Link to our website:  Cut and paste this link into your search browser or go to the Sheriff's Department Website and click on the "Links and Resources" tab for an active hyperlink to take you directly to the Homewav site.

Visitor Support Number: 1-844-394-6639

Visitor Support Hours:  Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm and Saturday -Sunday 8am – 5pm