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State of Missouri

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office 

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Scott W. Munsterman


As some of you may have heard of or seen on the KCTV5 news broadcast on 07-30-2018, which reported two(2) inmates escaped confinement at the Johnson County Jail.  What KCTV5 reported was only partially correct.  KCTV5 failed to emphasize that the incident they were reporting on actually took place on June 23, 2018.  By not doing enough research and reporting solely on "Official Court Documents" all they succeeded in doing was cause an unnecessary alarm and concern to the citizens of Johnson County.  KCTV5  reported the inmates had gone through the ceiling, through an emergency exit, over a fence and escaped.  This was only partly true.  Yes they did go through a ceiling and exited the building through a door leading into the recreation yard.  They did scale the recreation yard fence but were still confined within the facility by another higher and more secure fenced.  Only one inmate had made it over the recreation yard fence and he was apprehended within just a few seconds of hitting the ground.  The second inmate became entangled in the razor wire which topped the recreation area fencing.  At no time did either of the inmates ever escape the confinement area of the facility. 

If KCTV 5 had delayed reporting the incident until they had spoken to either the Sheriff or one of his administrative staff before actually televising their incomplete and inaccurate story, this would have been a much clearer picture for the viewers to understand.  Instead, they attempted to make headlines out of something that occurred on June 23, 2018.

As the Sheriff of Johnson County, rest assured, if there was something that directly impacted or caused any type of danger to the citizens, I would immediately put that information out.  At no time did this incident pose a threat to any of the citizens, and at no time were any of the inmates outside the containment area of the Jail. 


Scott W. Munsterman, Sheriff