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Missouri State statutes require the county commission of each county in the state to erect and maintain a county jail.  Chapter 49.310 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri states, “ The county commission in every county in this state shall erect and maintain at the established seat of justice a good and sufficient courthouse, and  jail,”. 

Missouri state statutes also require the sheriff to operate the county jail. Chapter 221.020 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri states, “ The sheriff of each county in this state shall have custody, rule, keeping and charge of the jail within his county, and of all the prisoners in such jail”.




Each year over three thousand people are booked into the Johnson County Jail. 

The officers assigned to the Jail Division are:


Aubrie Duvall                         Jail Administrator


Sgt. Jim James                       Deputy Sheriff    


Deputy Taylor Smith                Deputy Sheriff


Deputy Erica Wisser                 Deputy Sheriff


CDO Robert Bennett                Control Room CDO 


CDO Carla Epps                       Civilian Detention Officer


CDO Khristy Guthrie                 Civilian Detention Officer 


CDO Susan Hardin                   Civilian Detention Officer 


CDO Dakota Malcolm                Civilian Detention Officer


CDO Nathan McIntyre               Control Room CDO


CDO Kelsie Moore                     Control Room CDO


Sgt. Tara Moore                       Control Center Supervisor 


CDO Matthew Tague                 Civilian Detention Officer


CDO Chelsi Williams                  Civilian Detention Officer


CDO Justin Bentzinger               Civilian Detention Officer


CDO Zachary Bryan                   Civilian Detention Officer


CDO Zachariah Collins                Civilian Detention Officer


CDO Renee Scheffield                Civilian Detention Officer


CDO Trent Summers                  Civilian Detention Officer


CDO  Ryan Burton                     Civilian Detention Officer