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Child Molestation


On January 11th, 2012 Johnson County Sheriff’s deputies took a report from Nicholas S. Beaubien, 18 years old of Lone Jack,Missouri.  Mr. Beaubien told investigators that he had received a ride from an unknown white male, who attempted to sexually assault him.  Mr. Beaubien stated that he was then physically assaulted by the unknown male because he would not participate in a sexual act.   


A short time later, investigators made contact with Mr. Beaubin’s step-father, who advised that Mr. Beaubin had sexually molested his nine year old daughter.  The step-father advised that he had driven Mr. Beaubin, the victim and himself to the sheriff’s office as he had to update his own sex offender registration.  The step-father advised that as he left the sheriff’s office and approached his vehicle, he observed Mr. Beaubien sexually molesting his daughter.


Mr. Beaubien was waiting in the lobby of the sheriff’s office, when the new allegation was discovered.  Mr. Beaubien saw the victim’s father reporting the offense to deputies.  Mr. Beaubien then fled the sheriff’s office on foot into a wooded area.  Deputies pursued Mr. Beaubien on foot and apprehended him approximately 1000 yards north of the sheriff’s office.


During the investigation, it was determined that Mr. Beaubin was not a victim of the alleged crimes and had developed the story in an attempt to deter law enforcement.  Mr. Beaubin was arrested and placed on a 24 hour investigative hold for Child Molestation in the 1st Degree, which is a Class C Felony.


During this investigation, Johnson County Sheriff’s investigators learned of two other incidents where Mr. Beaubin had sexually assault the same victim.


The Johnson County Circuit Court issued a warrant charging Nicholas S. Beaubien, with one count of Child Molestation in the 1st Degree, a Class C Felony and two counts of Statutory Sodomy in the 1st Degree, which are Class A Felonies.  Nicholas S. Beaubien remains in the custody of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, in leau of a $50,000.00 bond.