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Abuse of a child


On April 26, 2012 Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Kenneth Roy Scholle, age 50, of Holden, Missourion a felony warrant issued by the CircuitCourtofJohnsonCountyalleging the class “C” felony of Abuse of A Child.

 The arrest warrant was issued as the result of an investigation into an alleged assault by Scholle against his nine year old son.  The victim told deputies that he had been hit, knocked to ground, and then stomped and kicked by Scholle because he refused to play catch with his father on April 17, 2012.


 Deputies discovered injuries consistent with the victim’s account of the alleged assault.  The victim suffered bruising on his chest and arms, and also had visible shoe impressions on both his arms.  

 Scholle was arrested at his residence on April 26, 2012 and remains in the Johnson County Jail in lieu of a $4,500.00 bond.