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On June 8th, 2012 Johnson County Sheriff’s deputies arrested six individuals for their involvement in numerous burglaries and felony thefts in Johnson County,Missouri.


Deputies responded to a residence in the 700 block of SW 1001 Road in rural Holden,Missouri to a reported burglary.  Deputies learned from the owner that numerous piece of antique furniture and belongings of the owner’s deceased parents were stolen from within the residence.  The owner was able to provide information about three individuals that had recently been seen in the area. 


Acting on the information provided by the home owner, deputies responded to 509 Grover Streetin Warrensburg, Missouri.  Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the three individuals, who were operating a yard sale at that location.  Deputies were able to immediately identify numerous stolen items from the burglary.  Deputies took custody of the stolen items, which were later returned to the owner.  Troy E. Pullen, 40 years old, Michael C. Pullen, 38 years old and Ronnie L. Hoover, 39 years old, all of Warrensburg, Missouri were arrested and taken into custody for Burglary in the 2nd Degree, a class C felony. 


Later in afternoon on June 8th, 2012 deputies responded to 202 SW 13 Highway Warrensburg,Missouri in reference to a call regarding an individual with numerous outstanding warrants.  Deputies were staged behind the residence, on an adjoining property, while other deputies responded to the front door of the suspect’s residence.  While deputies made contact with the occupant at the front door, Travis M. Gutridge, 31 years old of Warrensburg and James W. Dingus-Fague, 24 years old of Warrensburg fled from the back door of the residence.  Deputies engaged the two individuals and took Dingus-Fague into custody immediately.  Deputies then pursued Gutridge on foot for a short distance before affecting his arrest.  Gutridge was arrested on the outstanding warrants and Dingus-Fague was arrest for his involvement in the felony theft of a four wheeler in 100 block of SW 600 Road.


Cody L. Holloway, 25 years old of Warrensburg was arrested at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, when he came to bond out James Dingus-Fague. Holloway was arrested for his involvement in a burglary on SW 13 Highway, where a chainsaw and television were stolen from inside of a residence.


With the arrest of the six individuals, Investigators were able to link the suspects to numerous burglaries and felony thefts within Johnson County,Missouri.