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Synthetic Narcotics


House Bill 641 was recently passed into law.  This law prohibits the possession and sales of several forms of stimulants including “bath salts” and hallucinogenic synthetic cannabinoids. 

Over the last several months, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports of individuals that have used these stimulants and have had lasting mental health issues, including thoughts of suicide and homicide. 

On August 15th, 2012 Johnson County Sheriff’s Office narcotics officers and members of the Kansas City Police Department assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration conducted checks of two local convenience stores that were reported to be selling the illicit stimulants.  Investigators discovered and seized approximately $5,000.00 worth of the illegal stimulants from the two stores. 

During interviews with the business owners, Investigators learned that the owners had been shown fraudulent laboratory documents showing that the substances were legal to sell. 

The investigation into this matter is ongoing.  Anyone with information about anyone selling these types of narcotics or any other narcotics are asked to contact the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.