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Trick or Treat Event Offers Free Child ID Packets


The Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce "Trick or Treat" event will be going on in downtown Warrensburg this evening,  giving children a safe place to go for trick or treating, and parents a chance to have fun in a controlled, fun atmosphere as well.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office will be on hand with free Child Identification packets to hand out to parents. These packets come in an easy-to-use format that gives parents or guardians a chance to record all of the pertinent information about each child, and store it in a safe place in case it is ever needed in the event of an abduction, missing child, runaway situation, etc.

 Each packet contains sections for the child's photograph, personal and medical information, a place to attach a hair sample for DNA, physical and dental information, and a fingerprinting kit.

 The kits are free from the Sheriff's Office, and will be available to all parents or guardians at the event his evening in downtown Warrensburg between 4:00 and 6:00, while supplies last.