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Combined Courtesy K-9 Drug Search


The Johnson County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the Holden and Warrensburg Police, conducted a surprise K-9 search service at Crest Ridge High School this morning. Sheriff Chuck Heiss and Corporal Dwayne Trokey with his dog Yanko teamed with Warrensburg Police Officer Adam Wade and Gunner, and Holden Police Officer Matt Bond and Kazan. These un-announced searches are done as a service in a partnership with schools to keep their campuses as drug-free as possible.

The school was placed on lockdown for the search, and students were asked to move from classrooms while leaving their backpacks behind so that the drug dogs could conduct sniff searches of the room and its contents. Two of th dogs worked the classrooms and hallways of the High School, while a third dog searched around each car in the parking lot.