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Multiple K-9 Searches of Area Schools



A number of area schools were visited by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office this week for surprise K-9 Drug Detection Operations.

Corporal Dwayne Trokey, his K-9 partner Yanko, and other members of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office joined various members of other law enforcement agencies such as Holden and Warrensburg Police to do the searches. Schools were placed on lock-down and some of the classrooms were cleared of students, leaving their backpacks and other property so the room could be searched by the dogs. Hallway lockers were also scanned. Dogs also searched around random vehicles in the school's parking lots at Crest Ridge, Holden and Chilhowee. Nothing of a suspicious nature was located or "hit" by the K-9 searches.  

This is a service that the Sheriff's Office and other agencies provides to keep the amount of illegal drug use as far away from school campuses as possible.