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"Coffee With the Sheriff" Comes to Holden


Last month, the Johnson County Sheriff's Office initiated a program called "Coffee With the Sheriff." The program's mission was simply to give interested residents of the County a chance to meet informally with Sheriff Heiss to discuss any recent issues they were having in their area, ideas, concerns etc.

 The first "Coffee With the Sheriff" was very well attended in Warrensburg, and focused mainly on the Sheriff's letter sent to President Obama regarding gun control issues and the 2nd Amendment. Our meeting for March is slated for residents of the Holden area and that portion of the County. It will be held Thursday, March 28th at Jamie's Place in Holden. Any interested Johnson County resident is welcome to attend the event. There is no set "agenda" for the event, as the Sheriff makes himself available for anyone to visit with him regarding their concerns over breakfast or a cup of coffee, then Sheriff Heiss makes a brief general discussion to the group on what topic seems to be at the top of everyone's mind during that day's gathering.

 "Coffee With the Sheriff" will begin at 7:30 on that day, Thursday March 28th, at Jamie's Place, 300 South Market Street in Holden. It is held as a public service of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.