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Telephone Scam using Sheriff's Office Telephone Number




Recently the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has received several telephone calls from citizens from all over Missouri.  Apparently the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office phonr number has been used to SPOOF unsuspecting citizens into believing they have an active arrest warrant.  The caller tells the citizen that they have an active arrest warrant and demanded the citizen make immediate payment for a specified amount, via a credit card or debit card in order to avoid being arrested immediately.  If the citizen asks questions or challenges the caller, the caller will become irate and start yelling and or cursing at the citizen. 


One of the problems that SPOOFING presents is that the number showing on the citizen’s caller i.d, is that of the Sheriff’s Office.  In some cases, the citizens have fallen into the scam and has lost money to the criminals.

Remember these facts;

Law Enforcement will NEVER call and tell you that there is an arrest warrant on you or one of your family members.

Law Enforcement will NEVER attempt to extort money from you to prevent your or your loved ones arrest.

Law Enforcement will never begin yelling and cursing at you to get you to meet their demands.


If you should receive a phone call from someone and they do any of the things listed, simply hang up the phone and call your local police and report the incident.


Remember to always remain cautious and suspicious when receiving any telephone calls where the caller is trying to coheres money from you.  If in doubt, DON’T!!!!!