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Drug Awareness Presentation at Chilhowee Schools


Drug Awareness Presentation at Chilhowee SchoolsShane speaking at Drug Awareness Presentation at Chilhowee SchoolsMisty speaking at Drug Awareness Presentation at Chilhowee SchoolsDrug Awareness Presentation guests 

On May 15, 2017, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Narcotics Enforcement Unit, was pleased to host a drug awareness presentation for students at the Chilhowee School. During the presentation, Misty Miller and Shane Lawrence spoke to students about the dangers of drugs and the effects drug usage has on the user, their family and friends.


Sadly, Misty Miller lost her brother, Jason A Hill, on January 28, 2011 from an accidental drug overdose. Misty shared the struggles that Jason had with his alcohol/drug addiction and the effects it had on their family.


Shane bravely spoke to the students about his own cannabis and alcohol abuse as a teenager while partying with his friends. It wasn’t long before Shane started using methamphetamine and other illegal drugs. Shane pointed out to the students that he had spent just over 12 ½ years incarcerated in a jail or prison and his prison experiences.


Misty and Shane wanted the students to realize how drug use can touch the lives of so many and the toll it takes on not only the user, but also on their family, friends, and community. Education and prevention can be key to helping students decide to avoid these dangers before drugs can take control of their lives.


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank both Misty and Shane for sharing their stories with the students today. It takes great courage to stand in front of a group of students and share these personal and emotional life events.