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Recent Fraud Scam


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The Sheriff's Office is wanting to advise everyone on an on-going scam where a business you may or may not have business connections with .  Today, we received creditable information from a Johnson County citizen of a scam involving an individual claiming to be an employee of KCP&L.  The person tried to convince the citizen that he was currently behind on his bill and was in jeopardy of having his electricity turned off.  The caller told him if he would make immediate credit card payment over the phone he could avoid having his services terminated and not have a bad entry in his credit history.  The citizen made contact with KCP&L to find out if the call was legitimate.  KCP&L advised him that it was a scam and they did not do business over the phone and would never demand money from the customer. 

The important thing to remember, law enforcement as well as legitimate businesses do not call people on the phone and make threats and demanding money.  If you should get this type of phone call from someone claiming to be from a business demanding you pay them money on a past due account, get a call back number for the caller or simply hang up.  Once you have terminated the call, call the business and report what had just happened.  This is the same type of scam that was going on approximately six months ago.  The caller said he was  from a law enforcement agency stating you or a loved one has an outstanding warrant and then gives you an option to send money to take care of it to avoid being arrested.  NO law enforcement agencies will conduct business over the phone.  They will do it in person and only in person.  Again, get the person's name and agency and then hang up.  Look up the phone number for the agency, either in the phone book or on the internet.  Call the number and report what had just happened. 

Please protect yourself and your money.  Always question anyone who is calling and demanding money.  If you question the caller over the phone, many times he or she will simply hang up.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give you personal or financial information to anyone on the phone.