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A Special Delivery for the Sheriff's Office


 Inside of Card.jpeg


Today, the members of the JohnsonCounty was again blessed with a visit from Brittany Wicker and her son Grayson.  Brittany is the wife of Zach Wicker who is employed as a Probation Officer with the Division of Probation and Parole.  In honor of National Police Week, they came to visit and to show their appreciation to everyone at the Sheriff's Office for all their efforts in keeping Johnson County a safe and welcoming place to live.  Along with a beautiful card, created by Grayson ,  Sergeant Dale Malcolm was  presented a variety of very delicious steaming hot pizza for everyone working at the Sheriff's Office. 

On behalf of everyone associated with the Sheriff's Office, I want to thank Brittany, Zach and Grayson for giving their support and best wishes to all of the area law enforcement communities. 


Thank you  very much,

Sheriff Scott Munsterman