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HIRING: Civilian Detention Position




The Johnson County Sheriff's Office is now accepting applications for the position of Civilian Detention Officer.  This is a FULL -TIME position and will require the person to perform shift work.  The person hired will be given the opportunity to participate in a Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Program as well as a retirement program.  All employees will accumulate vacation and sick leave hours while employed with Sheriff's Office.  As part of the benefit package, all employees will be given specific holiday leave days throughout the year.

Here is the requirement and job description for the position of Civilian Detention Officer;


Civilian Detention Officer Job Description

Civilian, Detention Officer

Serves under the supervision of the Detention Sergeant and Detention Corporal(s), as a civilian Detention Officer.  The Civilian Detention Officer is a non-commissioned, non-certified employee of the Sheriff's Office and performs similar duties to that of the Detention Deputy, but does not possess the power of arrest or of search and seizure.


Distinguishing features of the position:

The Civilian Detention Officer is expected to exercise initiative, tact and discretion in the performance of his or her assigned duties.  The Civilian Detention Officer must exercise their powers equitably, legally and economically on behalf of the citizens they serve.  The Civilian Detention Officer understands there is an element of danger involved in the performance of their duties.


The Civilian Detention Officer is a uniformed civilian employee. 


He or she must be able to process arrestees into the county jail by; 

                        Physically searching arrestees;

                        Generating required documentation;

                        Recording inked fingerprints;

                        Photographing the arrestee;

                        Accounting for the arrestees personal property;

                        Dressing out the arrestee in the appropriate jail clothing.


Processes inmates out of the county jail by;

                        Generating the required documentation;

                        Returning any authorized personal property belonging to the inmate.


Maintains care, custody and control of the inmate while incarcerated by;

                        Maintaining daily logs of jail activities;

                        Protecting the inmate from victimization by other inmates;

                        Conducting inspections of detention cells and adjacent areas;

                        Conducting security searches of inmates;

                        Protecting the due process rights of inmates while incarcerated;

                       Providing food and prescribed medication when necessary;

                       Providing laundry services;

                       Providing access to personal hygiene facilities;

                       Distributing mail to inmates;

                       Conducting visitation with family, friends and legal counsel;

Rendering first aid if necessary and other sources of first aid are not

 readily available; and

                     Closely monitoring inmates who have the potential to commit self harm.


Required knowledge, skills, abilities, etc.,:


Must have the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in       writing.  Should possess good judgment as well as good powers of observation and memory. 

Should be able to learn, understand and apply approved principles, practices and methods of performing assigned duties.

Be of good moral character, both on and off the job.

Must be able to learn and maintain proficiency in the use of firearms. 

Must possess a standard high school diploma or its equivalent.

Must possess a valid operator's/driver's license issued by the State of Missouri. 


NOTE:   Evidence of criminal activity, moral turpitude, drug/alcohol abuse, emotional/psychological instability or similar circumstances may disqualify a person for this position.


I you are interested in becoming a Civilian Detention Officer,  CLICK on the link and download the application.  Once completed, bring it to the Sheriff's Office or mail it to 278 SW 871 Road, Centerview, MO. 64019