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Reserve Program


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is very proud of its active Reserve Deputy Program. The Deputies who are currently members of the Program are all P.O.S.T. Certified and fully commissioned Deputies. They all have the exact same police powers as those Deputies who are currently employed by the Sheriff’s Office. The Reserve Program is very beneficial to the Sheriff’s Office because it provides valuable experience and manpower for the Agency, while at the same time, provide services and security to the public. This program is a success because of the dedication and the desire to serve and protect all citizens who live in and travel through Johnson County and is done with little or no cost to the citizens.

The Reserve Program is managed by Lt. Andy Gobber. If you are P.O.S.T. Certified and have a desire to serve the citizens of Johnson County, please contact Lt. Gobber at 660-747-6469 and leave a message for Lt. Gobber to contact you reference the Reserve Program.

Reserve Deputy Brian Hobbs  Reserve Deputy Brian Hobbs
Reserve Deputy Tom Charrette  Reserve Deputy Tom Charrette
Reserve Deputy Ryan Schildknecht  Reserve deputy Ryan Schildknect
Reserve Deputy Brad Greenwalt  Reserve Deputy Brad Greenwalt
Reserve Deputy Randy Stone Randy Stone