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Extra Patrol Request

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office strives to provide the best relationship with residents and one method of improved communication is offered through Frontlines Extra Patrol Request.

The Extra Patrol Request module is a secure online database that allows users to create entries of properties that the owners have been reported to be away from or issues in the neighborhood. When a user decides to go on a vacation, what will happen to their house is probably a main concern. Now there is a way to track the details of a resident's absence and provide peace of mind that the Sheriff's Office is aware and are keeping an eye on things. With the Extra Patrol Request module, there is now a way of tracking and organizing the details of this service.

Sheriff's Office Deputies have direct access to a list of homes, properties and/or neighborhoods that have requested extra patrols and placed on a watch list for a determined period of time. Deputies then have a way of posting acknowledgement of checking on the home or area and even have the ability to email the homeowner that "all is well" right from their patrol vehicle and in real-time.